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Classifieds: Placement

Advertisers, please also read the Advertisers' Instructions.

  • Members with Message Board posting privileges may place their own adverts - it's just like making a regular post to the message board.
  • Non-members may download and complete a form, then post/email it to SCORE for entry into the system.
  • In detail, the process is as follows:


  • Process

    Entering a Classified advert is just like entering a normal post to the SCORE Message Board.

    In the Classifieds forum, click the "New Topic" button then start entering your advertisement details.


    • Subject: Start with "FOR SALE - " or "WANTED - " followed by a concise summary of the item.
    • Description: Free text for any details not covered in the Classifieds fields. Be sure to include statements of age, condition, TAX/MOT, colour as appropriate.
    • Photos: Digital photos may be uploaded to your Personal Album in the Gallery, which will provide [code] that can be included in the advert to show either full size photos or clickable thumbnails, as you prefer.
    • Price: (for sale items)
    • Location: For a large item (particularly a whole car), buyers will be interested to know if it is practical for them to view it before purchase. For security reasons, it is suggested that city/town is given rather than a complete address.
    • Contact Details: Suggest you provide an email address but by all means provide a phone number if you don't mind it appearing on the web.

    Once submitted, you can edit a Classified advertisement at any time by viewing it then clicking the "Edit" button at the top of the advert. The title and text become editable as in other forums.

  • Alternatively, members may use the non-members' process described below.

  • Duration

    6 months (nominal).

    Expired advertisements will be moved to the Classifieds Archive forum. When an item is sold, or at any time you would like at advert to be removed, then please advise classified@score.org.uk. If an item has been archived in error, then you may request its return to the Classifieds forum.

    We may contact advertisers periodically to ask if your advert is still current.


  • Process

    Adverts are entered by SCORE after receipt of a completed, downloadable Classified Form.


    [classifiedform.doc: MS Word: 28 kBytes]

    Please complete your form in MS Word and post it to:


    Or, send the form as an email attachment (with optional photos), using the following template:

    • Email Subject: SCORE Classified Advertisement
    • To: classified@score.org.uk
    • Text: Please find attached <my completed SCORE Classifieds Form> and <Photos> (delete as necessary)
    • Text: Your name, item heading and any other details which will ensure that we can tally your email against your application form (if not attached).
    • Attachments: as appropriate
      • Classifieds Form.
      • Photo(s) (see separate page for preparation instructions).


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Advertisers: For assistance email the Classifieds Officer.


SCORE accepts no liability whatsoever for any aspect of any transaction that may arise from the placement of an advertisement in SCORE Classifieds.

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