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Classifieds: Advertisers' Instructions

  • SCORE Classifieds reach a world-wide audience and have become known as the place for private Cappuccino advertising.
  • Each classified advertisement can include:
    • Item details
    • A free-text description
    • Digital  c o l o u r  photos
    • Contact details

What can be advertised?

  • SCORE Classifieds may only carry advertisements for Cappuccinos and Cappuccino-related items.

Who can advertise?

  • SCORE members and non-members may advertise in SCORE Classifieds.
  • All advertisements must be on a PRIVATE basis, NOT TRADE.


  • In order to maintain the club's high reputation, SCORE's requires that advertisers behave honestly by describing items for sale/swap as accurately as possible and do their utmost not to mislead anyone who reads their advertisement.
  • After an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies, advertisements which do not conform to the requirement for accuracy will be removed.
  • If a wilful attempt to mislead is adjudged to have occurred, further advertisements from the individual will not be accepted.

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Advertisers: For assistance email the Classifieds Officer.


SCORE accepts no liability whatsoever for any aspect of any transaction that may arise from the placement of an advertisement in SCORE Classifieds.

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