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Classifieds: After Placement

After the Advert is Placed

  • To the Seller

    Check that your classified advertisement is a correct reflection the details you provided to describe your item.

    Contact SCORE Classified as soon as the advertised item has been SOLD or SOURCED, or if you wish to withdraw it.


    [Open new email using preformatted template]

    Your advert will then be removed.

  • To the prospective Buyer

    You need to act quickly as these cars, especially lower mileage cars and "non-reds" (as these colours are rarer), tend to sell pretty fast, especially during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn.

    Any transaction that takes place is entirely between yourself and the seller. SCORE accepts no liability whatsoever for goods advertised by sellers.

Advertisers: For assistance email the Classifieds Officer.


SCORE accepts no liability whatsoever for any aspect of any transaction that may arise from the placement of an advertisement in SCORE Classifieds.

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