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About the Club


  • The Suzuki Cappuccino Owners Register for Enthusiasts (SCORE) is a UK based, worldwide club for owners of Suzuki Cappuccino sports cars.
  • SCORE membership is all about the fun of owning and enjoying the Cappuccino as well as sharing and benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of other members.
  • SCORE provides an extensive range of benefits to its membership and provides a focal point for information on the Cappuccino thus giving the marque extensive publicity, which is ultimately to the advantage of SCORE members. The club's long-term aim is to perpetuate interest in the Suzuki Cappuccino and to continue to offer an impartial and broad information resource to assist owners.

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  • The club is run by a Steering Group of members who have freely volunteered to look after membership, communications, finances and classifieds.
  • SCORE is a truly global club with members ranging from Europe to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. There are even a few members from the Cappuccino's home nation, Japan.

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What we do

  • Information

    SCORE gathers, stores and makes available as much information as possible on the Cappuccino. A wide range of information is available to all enthusiasts on the SCORE Message Board via its powerful online search engine. In addition, SCORE Members have privileged access to deep technical literature such as Service Manuals and Parts Catalogues as well as the opportunity to post messages on the Message Board and access SCORE's a specialised RSS news reader, SCORE Motoring News.

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  • Merchandise

    SCORE holds a wide range of merchandise, including useful products. Also of interest are gifts like a 1:43 scale Cappuccino pewter model, drinks coaster sets and a cute Cappuccino coloured bean bag dog. There is, of course, the mandatory clothing range: polo-, sweat- and rugby- shirts, baseball caps and fleece jackets - all carry the Cappuccino logo.

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  • Classifieds

    SCORE manages its own classified advertising service. High standards of presentation and a large viewing audience make SCORE Classified the place to advertise Cappuccinos and related items. Advertising is free.

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  • Communication

    SCORE communicates with its members primarily via its Web Site (you're there right now), which also serves as the main means of day-to-day communication between members. The Message Board is largely open to view by the general public, in order to publicise the club and help attract new members. Some areas of the Board are for members' exclusive use (eg. Manuals).

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