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  • What are FAQ?

    FAQ is a term you will see quite often on the internet. It simply means Frequently Asked Questions and, as in the case of this one, is a useful place for collecting answers to those questions that crop up again and again.
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  • What was the idea behind the car and how did it all start?

    The Suzuki Cappuccino was designed for the domestic Japanese market, meeting the very specific needs for the tax breaking "K" class. The public first saw the car in 1989 at the Tokyo Motor show. See "The Cappuccino Story" for more detail.
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  • OK, I'm a petrol head - what about all of the technical specifications?

    All the facts and figures are on our "Technical Specifications" page.
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  • What did the Motoring Press have to say about the Cappuccino?

    The unique style and sporty performance of the Cappuccino was liked by the motoring press. A Press Brochure is available from our merchandise section and a selection of comments from the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, Performance Car, and Auto Express, can be seen on our "Press Statements" forum on the Message Board.
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  • What does S.C.O.R.E. stand for?

    S.C.O.R.E. is the Suzuki Cappuccino Owner's Register for Enthusiasts
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  • When did SCORE start?

    John and Hazel Moore started SCORE after buying Silver Cappuccino M3ORE in April 1995. See "SCORE History" for more details
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  • Who runs SCORE now?

    After John and Hazel Moore passed on the SCORE baton, the club has been run by a Steering Group ably supported by active members. SCORE members can find all contact details on the Contact Details section of the Message Board.
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  • I love the car - where can I buy one?

    Most people want to keep them forever but there are usually a few for sale due to new additions to the family or new company cars and not enough parking space etc.. The first place to look is the Classifieds section of the SCORE Message Board. You will often find one or two on the Web sites of Exchange and Mart and AutoExpress. Not forgetting of course the usual printed sources and Suzuki dealers.
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  • I'm going to buy one soon - what should I look out for?

    Basically the same sort of things you should look for when buying any car. Try searching the Message Board. Use the powerful search engine to look for any aspect of owning and looking after the Cappuccino - you can tap into literally thousands of messages posted by SCORE members sharing their experiences and knowledge, so please make full use of this facility.
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  • So what does SCORE get up to?

    We have done trips to Belgium, London Fun Runs, Track Days, Christmas Parties, Charity Events and lots more. A more complete summary is provided in the "About the Club" page. Also, take a look at the photos in our Gallery and Members Albums, and read some reports on the Message Board.
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  • What was in the magazine - "The Latest SCORE"?

    Loads and loads - letters, competitions, photos, hints & tips, stories, reports by event organisers, etc. etc. Back issues are available from The Latest SCORE page.
    (January 2008: Magazine discontinued)
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  • How do I join SCORE?

    Click here for joining details.
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  • What modifications can I do?

    Members have reported many kinds of modification; some cosmetic, some functional. Try searching the Message Board and take a look through the Photo Albums.
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  • I've got something I would like to see on the web site - who do I send it to?

    To get material onto the Web site, contact the .
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  • I've still got a question that isn't answered here.

    Try searching the Message Board. Members can post their messages while non-members are able to view/search them.
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