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SCORE Events

  • Thanks to its active members, SCORE has a varied event diary at a regional, national and international level. Members have the chance to tour together in convoy, visit places of interest, enjoy treasure hunts, attend outdoor car shows and track days plus so much more.
  • The overriding aim is to provide a menu of activities that SCORE members can choose from, come along to and enjoy - and there's always time for socialising and exchanging useful tips and advice!
  • The two main events each year are the National Rally in June and the AGM/Birthday Weekend in October. Not to be missed, these national conventions encourage members from across the UK and abroad to gather; a summer fun occasion held cyclically in the South, Midlands and North, and an autumnal mix of the formality of an Annual General Meeting, discussing the operations of SCORE, with the enjoyment of celebrating the birthday of SCORE and the Cappuccino.
  • Venues for the National Rally have included the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden Aerodrome (Europes largest collection of pre-1940 flying aircraft), the National Boat Museum at Liverpool, the Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire and a Sussex Coast and Castle Cruise, where dozens of Cappuccinos and their owners get together. Have a look at the Gallery for more photos.
  • The majority of events are at a more local/regional level, spurred on by volunteers keen to help with treasure hunts, convoys, quiz nights, ten pin bowling, theatre and cinema, visiting places of interest such as theme parks, attending classic car shows or track days at race circuits.
  • All members are welcome to all regional events. A few of these have been repeated by popular demand; for example the Benelux Puzzle Tour, the Brighton-London Fun Run and the London Bridges Run.
  • Some events have developed into holiday breaks for members visiting other countries. Such events have been run in Belgium, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Scotland and Wales. These trips are up to a week in duration. The "Breeze into Belgium" is shown below.
  • SCORE Members have access to the Events forum and Calendar on the Message Board which they may check for the latest information and contact details. In addition, the events list is distributed periodically via email.
  • Reports on events appear on the Message Board. There are lots of superb event photos in the old Gallery, in the Albums and in the new Gallery.

Members participating in SCORE events do so at their own risk and are encouraged, through the briefing documents supplied by the event organiser, to act and drive safely and sensibly at all times. By completing a booking form to participate, the member agrees to the above condition and is therefore unable to claim against SCORE for loss, injury or damage in any way.

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