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Postby Ryan Clarke » Wed Oct 23, 2002 08:50

I was just wanting to know if anyone has put in the upgraded turbo (IHI RHB31) and if the have, does it bolt straight on or does it need some modifications ?? to the manifold and surrounding area ??
Ryan Clarke

Postby Steve Lewis » Wed Oct 23, 2002 09:55

The IHI RHB31 turbo will bolt straight on in place of the original, no modifications are required to the manifold etc. However, if upgrading the turbo you should also upgrade the ECU and injectors unless you want to risk serious damage to the engine - again these are straight swaps of the original.
As far as I can see, Suzuki Sport have stopped listing the turbos for the Cappuccinos (EA11R & EA21R) individually of the turbo kit which contains the ECU etc.
Their prices (less shipping etc) are 261,000yen for the EA21R (part number 4JS36-A60) or 251,000yen for the EA11R (part number 4JS36-A50) - these prices reduce to 199,000 and 189,000 if you send your original ECU in part exchange.
If you decide to go ahead I advise not trading directly with Suzuki but with IRS http://www.irs.co.jp/oversea/index.htm instead as they are able to supply the parts at the same price and are far more professional to deal with - for instance Suzuki Sport do not accept payment via credit card and cannot tell you how much delivery will be.
I received fantastic service from Yoshimasa Nakahara at IRS and the goodies arrived on my doorstep 5 days after placing the order.

Steve Lewis

Postby Ryan Clarke » Fri Oct 25, 2002 08:31

Hey Steve,

how will i know if the turbo the send me will be the IHI RHB31 FW (this is what david benson was telling me is the upgraded). Spoke via email to Yoshimasa Nakahara, he was telling me that it is the IHI RHB 31, not to worried but would be really annoyed to recieve a new turbo that is the same as the one i have. Is this a trust worthy thing to do, was just a little worried that if i send them my ecu and it all goes wrong my car is stuffed...for a while. Yoshimasa Nakahara has been helpful via email but have never really done anything with out speaking to people in person
Ryan Clarke

Postby Steve Lewis » Fri Oct 25, 2002 21:22

The original turbo is an IHI RHB31 whereas the larger one is the IHI RHB31FW. They both use the same exterior housing, the only way to tell them apart visually is that the IHI RHB31FW has an adjuster to raise or lower the pressure that the wastegate opens whereas the IHI RHB31 does not. There is a stamp on the casing of the original ("RHB31") but this may refer to the casing and could also be on the IHI RHB31FW.

It does not help that Suzuki Sport have removed references to the model numbers from the Jap version of their web site - not just the turbos but the ECU's (N1, N2, N2R etc):...

Babelfish translation - Suzuki Sport wrote:It is the sport computer which consumes the potential of the normal turbocharger. (Old naming: N1/N1R SPEC)

...if that isn't bad enough there is now no (translated or otherwise) link to the products section on the English version of the site. I emailed Suzuki regarding this omission and some wisecrack replied:

Suzuki Sport wrote:Dear Steve

Thank you very much for taking time looking at our web-site.

At the moment, we are not still ready for the English version of parts catalogue. Also, even when we are ready, we are not planning to put it the site. The reason is because even though the cars looks same, the domestic and overseas model has differences. It depends on model.

If you have any inquiry about the model and parts, please write to us type of the vehicle, engine type, chassis number. From their we can find some solutions.

We will let you know from this site when we will be ready! Please watch.

Thank you and best regards,

Suzuki Sport Co.,LTD.

If it had been made this difficult to find out what I was buying when I originally looked into upgrading I'd have given up before I got started and settled for a Superchip :!:

However, if you are getting the ECU and Turbo together then they now advertise the full upgrade kit on the Jap site (I recognised the part number) which they never used to do.
The kit consists of the turbo, ECU, injectors, plugs & gaskets - the part number is 4JS36-A50 for the EA11R (or 4JS36-A60 for EA21R).
If you are only ordering the turbo (which I think they now refer to as the F100) or ECU tell Yoshimasa that the model you want is the one that is included with the kit.

This is quite a lot of money we are talking about - I too as very apprehensive but after many many emails to Yoshimasa (that is his first name even though he signs himself NAKAHARA) a level of trust was built up and I was not let down - apart from he forgot to send me some Tokyo grass :roll: - please remind him he owes me :wink:

Steve Lewis

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