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Electric window

Postby Martin Jones » Wed Feb 19, 2003 00:23

Since buying my Cappuccino, the drivers side window has had a slight judder as it was raised. Believing it to be wear and tear I ignored it. It didn't go away and last week wouldn't raise at all, although the motor would run. Looking through the web site and on the manual pages, I realised the problem was not easy to solve.

However after removing and replacing the window mechanism no fewer than seven times, I now know it intimately. All attempts at repair failed. My last removal and replacement with a new unit took 40minutes.

I found the problem to be that the top bolt of two holding the glass to the door trim support (No7 in manual ),had fallen off into the door and allowed the glass to run up and down other than in a straight line. The majority of parts in the mechanism are metal but the circullar gearbox linking the motor to the regulator is plastic and therefore the weakest part. The metal cog from the gearbox that drives the regulator up and down had worn the hole oval and forced the circlip off its end inside the gearbox.

As there are basically three parts to the mechanism, the motor, the gearbox and the regulator mechanism, it would seem feasible to replace one or the other. No! Suzuki only supply the whole regulator as a whole. It looks like the motor would work from either window but the rest is particular to each side. As the chances are every other Cappuccino has a worn offside I opted for a new one.

A search on the web site revealed someone had said it was £400.

However I contacted Colin Appleyards at Keighley, who I had just convinced to return to being a SCORE Dealer, and found the correct price was £184-34 inc VAT. Aziz Ahmed in parts made me a better deal and discounted by 15%. TOTAL cost £156-70 inc VAT.

If anyone wants more info on removal then contact me, I can do it in my sleep.

Martin Jones
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