Restoring the speakers and aerial of a Honda Beat

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Restoring the speakers and aerial of a Honda Beat

Postby Chris da Silva » Sat Feb 12, 2022 07:51

Does anyone out there know the part numbers for the following features/items on a Honda Beat ....

1. The black rubber seals which sit between the speakers and the upper part of the dashboard. The ones on my car look like they were the original ones when the car was new; but over time, they have taken their toll and have become rather worn out and untidy-looking. (The speakers, on the other hand, work just fine!)

2. The chrome aerial on the nearside rear wing. The one currently mounted on the car is a third-party one in matt black and looks pretty dreadful as it's definitely not the original part! What I need is the original part to replace it.

Thanks if anyone can help. :)
Chris da Silva
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