Preparing an AZ-1 for the road ....

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Preparing an AZ-1 for the road ....

Postby Chris da Silva » Thu Oct 06, 2022 01:51

I'm preparing an AZ-1 for licensing for road use; and I'm looking for a source where I can find body replacement parts for it.

The parts I'm replacing are not damaged: They're just showing their age as the vehicle is circa 1994. I've got the part numbers ......

1x P100-50-5L1E - LH door seal
1x P100-50-5K1E - RH door seal
1x P100-68-914B – Top rear windscreen
1x D061-51-730A – Front Autozam badge
1x P100-50-601C – Front windscreen mould
2x P100-58-720A - LH door struts.

I think the door struts are still available from Mazda (but using a different part number to the AZ-1).

Can anyone lend me a helping hand here? Much obliged if you can.

I also heard that Honda is starting to re-manufacture parts for the PP1 Beat as it has become a cult/collectible car. Is Suzuki going to do the same with the Cappuccino too? Because if they are, it's a real bonus for us enthusiasts.

(I know that Mercedes-Benz stocks all the parts for their cars which were manufactured from the 1950's onwards, BTW.)
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