What has made you smile today?

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Re: What has made you smile today?

Postby Murray Betts » Tue Jul 12, 2011 21:51

Very good to hear you escaped, nature can be very extreme.
Murray Betts
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Re: What has made you smile today?

Postby Taisuke Nakata » Mon Jul 18, 2011 13:52

< Murray Betts
Thank you so much.
We Japanese are all the earthquake is not an unexpected natural calamity, but this time it was so huge and a routine event for millenary scale, over the human life cycles.

Sorry for changing the topic.

On 17th, July, we had a Annual Cappo event called Hakone-Tsuyu-Ake MTG in Hakone.
About 30Cappo were joied and we had terrible hot days, about 35 degree we were in....

Japanese Ladies Nadeshiko Japan Team did it in Frankfurt
Taisuke Nakata
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Re: What has made you smile today?

Postby Adrian Furniss » Mon Jul 18, 2011 22:40

Oh yes, Japanese Ladies Football team, the Nadeshiko, has won the ladies world cup. How brilliant. Japan really needed something to feel good about.

And the Hakone Mtg. I so hope I can be there one year up at the Hakone Pass. But please, not at 35C! We had 29C in southern England a few weeks ago and that was plenty hot enough for me.
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Re: What has made you smile today?

Postby Joan Walsh » Sun Jul 07, 2013 13:28

We've had more than three days sunny weather in a row :D

I might even pluck up the courage to leave Cappy's roof behind.
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Joan Walsh
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