Wanted - N/S/R + O/S/R Brake Callipers - (Found)

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Wanted - N/S/R + O/S/R Brake Callipers - (Found)

Postby Simon Manning » Mon Dec 02, 2013 18:34


I'm looking to get hold of a pair of rear brake callipers. Going down the clean and re-grease route lasted a good five months but now that they've gotten bad again, and worse than before, I think it's about time I replace them.

The plan is to have them refurbished, so I'll want them delivered to the refurb place once we've agreed a price and I've arranged for the refurb. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to store one of the breaker cars that are up on eBay at the moment, so I can't really do anything with those unless someone else wants one without its callipers.


Edit: Forum member got in touch and I now have a shiny new (relatively speaking) pair of callipers for those back wheels.
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