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Expired classified advertisements. All contact details have been removed.

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Archive answers!

Postby Ken Malone » Mon Apr 04, 2005 20:05

Why have a Classified Archive?

The SCORE Classified archive contains details of actual cars, parts & accessories that have been successfully bought and sold on SCORE. It is therefore a valuable knowledge-base for buyers & sellers as well as for all Cappuccino enthusiasts. Potential advertisers can can see which style of advertisement works best and apply those rules to their own advertisements.

Potential buyers and sellers can use the information in the archive to check-out price trends, seasonal variations etc as well as to get some idea of what's available for the Cappo. Newcomers to the Cappuccino Experience will especially value the wealth of information contained in the archive as they try to find out as much as possible about the magic of owning a Cappo.

Cappo-curious non-members can get some idea of what they are missing.

Finally an archive of successful advertisements is itself a fine advertisement for SCORE Classifed - THE place to buy and sell anything Cappuccino.

How does the archive system work?

Very simply SCORE Classified will remove all personal contact details from each completed advertisement - merge information from any additional posts into the main advertisement - and re-categorise each advertisement as either SOLD or SOURCED

Personal comments in advertisements will usually be retained as these provide excellent first-hand evidence of the reluctance many owners feel when forced to part with their 'pride and joy'.
Ken Malone

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