Stainless Sports Exhaust And Speed De-limiter

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Stainless Sports Exhaust And Speed De-limiter

Postby Trevor Moyle » Tue Dec 31, 2002 20:48

"Stainless Steel Exhaust System"
The Quicksilver System as advertised on page 26 of the December 02 SCORE magazine i can highly recommend for the Cappuccino. You should also be aware they make the system in 2 different types;sports and standard. The standard system is very quiet and the sports system which is a larger bore, 2" from the Cat back into a 3" Polished Tailpipe. The sports system has a lovely deep note which gets progressively louder as the rev's increase. The system is made by the London Stainless Steel Exhaust Centre telephone no's as per the SCORE advert.

"Speed De-Limiting"
I have fitted a speed de-limiter to my own Cappuccino which was easy to fit but you do need basic electrical experience. I obtained my De-Limiter from Motor Sport Developments in Blackpool (01253 508400) which was £50.00inc vat +P/Packing. The electronic box comes with full fitting instructions but the company only supplies to the TRADE so maybe the club can approach them ? Now your Cappuccino will work as designed and all the engine warning lights work correctly un-like the switch in the wire between speedo and ECU

Happy Motoring ! Any info / Questions post on board please
Trevor Moyle


Postby Ian Linden » Wed Jan 01, 2003 09:37

The Speed De-limiter sounds quite good at £50.

I did a poll way back to see if there was enough interest to get one made by a company local to me - click here, but I didn't canvass higher than £40.

However, I think there would be some takers at £50 ( at least 6 if it was a normal distribution :D ) - wonder if Brendan would like to take it up?
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