Tyres And Wheel Conversion That Fits !

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Tyres And Wheel Conversion That Fits !

Postby Trevor Moyle » Sun Dec 29, 2002 15:17

Lots of people ask what tyre and wheels will fit a std car with no modifications and some info seems a bit vague.

This info will enable you to fit a set of 6jx14 wheels and 185/6014 tyres on a std car without any mods to the bodywork or spending lots on a 15" conversion with ultra low profile tyres.

The std wheel is 5jx14 with a 45mm offset the replacement wheel needs to be a 6jx14 wheel but the offset must be 38mm
You can get the above wheels from any good wheel supplier but they may have to order them as 45mm offset is more popular.

The tyres to use on the 6jx14 wheels are 185/60hr14 which is within the accepted tolerence of 5%(actual % different with this conversion= +1.3% Std Tyre revolutions per mile 165/65R14=889 185/60HR14=887) as per info on tyre conversions by the major manufactures. One thing you need to be aware of is the varing widths in tyre sizes between manufactures in 185/60HR14 the nonomal sectional width can be larger than 185mm. The tyres i have used are Semperit which are a soft compound which is important on a car as light as the Cappuccino to give good grip.

The last item you need to be aware of is the rear suspension on full deflection when you fit the wheel/tyre conversion.The tyre is close to the suspension strut when jacked up but when the weight comes back on the suspension the wheel moves well clear as the wheel comes back into a upright position as in normal use

The front tyres and wheels fit with no mods and the above wheel/tyre conversion gives no problems in use with no fouling of the bobywork what so ever
Any info or questions post a message on the board and i will reply :D
happy motoring
Trevor Moyle

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