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Use of the Message Board

Postby Alex Clouter » Fri Sep 19, 2003 11:16

It is important to remember what the Message Board is all about - the free exchange of SCORE Members' comments, useful tips and experiences in owning and maintaining the Suzuki Cappuccino - available to everyone, members and non members alike.

SCORE Members have certain privileges on the web site as part of their overall membership package - access to the manuals section, free entries the Board's Classified section, posting pictures to the photo albums, private messaging between members, and posting messages in most of the board's forums.

This latter point must be expanded upon further, especially as we have seen some members posing questions on behalf of non-club members, who should really be encouraged to join SCORE in order to get the answers. This is one of the many benefits of being a SCORE member.

Of course we are, and always should be, helpful to Cappuccino owners who are not SCORE members as well as other enthusiasts who are interested in purchasing a Cappuccino and want to know more.

If members receive questions from non members, then, in the first instance, please invite them to use our varied web site, and to make full use of the search engines which address this and the previous SCORE web site.

Please do not use the Message Board to pose questions for non-members. Any such posts will be deleted - sorry, but we cannot tolerate this. It is not in the spirit of the SCORE membership benefits, which are very clear, and it is not fair towards existing members who contribute towards the rich resource of online technical and product information.

We have to give people every good reason to join SCORE - to be part of our growing, fun-loving and helpful club, where they can access valuable information and share in the expertise of the membership by paying their annual subscription and being an active SCORE member.

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Postby Adrian Furniss » Sat Aug 20, 2005 23:33

Posting Restrictions - items for sale
Members may offer for sale their own Cappuccinos or Cappuccino-relevant items in the Classified section. However, we wish to avoid the Message Board becoming a general For-Sale facility, so items not connected with, or applicable to, Cappuccinos are excluded.

Members are free to post, in relevant forums, links and references to Cappuccino-related items of potential interest to other members. Other matters (not involving offers for sale) may be posted in the Chit-Chat Forum.

By way of exception to the above, you are asked to observe the following limitations:
  • Please do not post to draw attention to Cappuccinos being offered for sale on EBay. We do not wish SCORE to be associated with these, as some purchasers have been disappointed with cars they have bought this way, and have felt the club to be in some way responsible.
  • We are more relaxed about posts (which respond to queries) mentioning Cappuccino-relevant items on EBay, though, if only one is offered, a PM to the interested member may be more advantageous to him/her.
  • Again, and for the same reason, items for sale not connected with, or applicable to, Cappuccinos should not be publicised.
  • Whilst the above is specific to EBay, please observe the same spirit with regard to other advertising channels.
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