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Postby Sunil Patel » Wed May 21, 2014 18:22

Ok, the necessity for me getting rid of this engine and bits has grown exponentially...

Therefore I am offering the whole lot (everything in the list below) for £300.

That's the block, head, inlet manifold, brake master cylinder and passenger seat for £300.

Greetings all!

Its time for me to do something that I have been putting off for some time. Some of you may recal my rebuild post in August last year, if not here are some fun pics!

Anywho, another project has seduced my attention and has finally motivated me to move on some of the spares and leftovers from the rebuild, which will hopefully be just the thing you were looking for!


Block - The block came from the spare engine when I purchased the car. The head from this engine is now on my Cap and works like a dream, however I do not know the mileage / year of the block. The crank turns, the pistons move smoothly and cylinder liners are free from corrosion, I have applied oil to the pistons and liners from time to time as it has been stored outdoors but under cover. £250

Head - This head has two bent valves which were seized in the engine when I bought the car, since removed. I haven't done much in the way of investigating the damage to the valve guides, though I imagine this head would not be too difficult to recondition. A full compliment of hydraulic lifters and rockers will come with it along with the cams and rocker cover. (The two valves had bust past their spring retainers as you can see in the images from the rebuild, remarkably not causing too much damage other than a small graze to one of the rockers and coinciding cam.) These parts have been stored in the dry of my bedroom, so there are no signs of corrosion. The head has covered 58,000 Km. £150

Inlet Manifold - This has the same story as the block. Unknown mileage and age. I will include the injectors and hosing along will all the valves, EGR, temp sensors etc, minus the idle control and fuel pressure regulator (I need these). £100

Brake Master Cylinder - I purchased this from a breakers because I thought mine was knackerd... turns out it wasn't. According to him it was tested prior to removal and it worked as it should, though one could come to the conclusion that it was removed from the car using a shovel upon inspection of the brake lines... £50

Passenger Seat - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Good for sitting in. The "leather" is in good condition with no tears or wrinkles, there is however a small hole in the reclining mechanism cover. Some corrosion has also started to creep into the underside. THIS SEAT HAS NO RUNNERS. £40

Some photos for your musings can be found from the link below.

I am MOST CERTAINLY open to negotiation on the prices.

The parts are located in Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) with my folks. Unfortunately I am not willing to arrange postal delivery of these parts due to their dimensions and mass, so collection only please.

If you are interested please drop me a PM and we can have a good old fashioned haggle. :D

Sunil Patel
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