Advice re brake hoses please.

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Advice re brake hoses please.

Postby Pete Roberts » Sun Sep 25, 2016 14:04

Well, we decided we could not part but now, old age is creeping in - the front brakes are spongy to the point of a vote of no confidence.
A rolling road test shows the rear brakes to be o.k. but the front are around 35% efficiency.
My local mechanic with 45 + years experience is scratching his head as to the cause. The master brake cylinder and booster assembly have been changed as has the proportioning valve - each time the brake fluid was replaced and the brakes bled.
Booster operation and air tightness under load (5-32 & 5-33) check out o.k. :confused: :confused:
The replaced parts were second hand but believed to be in good working order, so, could it be the brake hoses ?
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Re: Advice re brake hoses please.

Postby Ian Linden » Mon Sep 26, 2016 09:26

There is a school of thought that brake hoses become elastic with age. Some people get braided steel reinforced hoses.
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Re: Advice re brake hoses please.

Postby Murray Betts » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:20

Mine suffers a regular recurring issue of the discs glazing over (due to minimal use and long periods of sitting in the garage). They form a light rust layer which then polishes to form a brown skin which has quite poor friction characteristics.

I cure mine by removing and rubbing them down with very coarse emery (80 grit) until bright iron shows. If yours are more than a few years old it's almost worth simply replacing them, the fronts are relatively cheap as they are common to other Suzukis. For example at ... 71d&000027 the Eicher discs are priced at £17.49 each, but currently there's a 30% discount so a pair would cost you all of £24.49. Add new pads and you're still not breaking the bank.

Have you checked the calipers are in good condition and free, pistons move freely and calipers slide on the pins?

Hoses shouldn't affect the efficiency of the brakes, pressure is pressure when applied at the caliper, the hoses will affect the feel.
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