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Postby Alex Clouter » Thu Apr 24, 2003 12:08

The messages posted in this area are from private individuals who are SCORE members and these messages are based on their own experiences and should not be considered to be endorsed by SCORE.

If people decide to take on board the suggestions from this forum they do so at their own personal risk and SCORE will take no responsibility for any loss or injury deemed to be associated with the content of this forum.

SCORE always promotes the need for Cappuccino owners to purchase Genuine Suzuki parts for their sports car, whilst Suzuki continues to produce them. People who fit non- Suzuki parts do so at their own personal risk and as such cannot make any substantive claim to Suzuki should there be a problem with their car as a direct result from the fitting of the non-Suzuki part or accessory.

If members decide to purchase Suzuki parts via any third party, then again the accountability remains between the purchaser and the seller, with SCORE not having any involvement.

There are interested parties who have agreed to have mutual web links with SCORE. These companies are listed in the General Links Forum on the SCORE website.

SCORE reserves the right to remove any weblinks written into messages by SCORE members where it is deemed by the other company that a mutual link is not forthcoming. This may inconvenience some members who post up such links but if SCORE is unable to get any mutual advantage then free publicity of any retail sites be they car related or non-car related would have to be deleted.
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