E10 Fuel: OK in the Cappo

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E10 Fuel: OK in the Cappo

Postby Martin Williams » Thu Feb 25, 2021 22:09

Following the announcement from the government that E10 petrol will be rolled out in the UK from September 2021 I thought I had better check if this would affect the Cappo. Checking the handbook (page 1-2) it states that they are ok with up to 10% ethanol in the fuel. Good news!
If you have other vehicles produced prior to 2011 it is worth checking whether they are also ok. There is a checker on gov.uk which gives some information. Fortunately Suzuki made it easy to check by being clear in the handbook.
If you have a vehicle that is not compatible then, since Super-unleaded will be staying at E5, you will have to switch to that.
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Re: E10 Fuel: OK in the Cappo

Postby Ian Linden » Fri Feb 26, 2021 23:07

Good news, thanks, Martin.
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Re: E10 Fuel: OK in the Cappo

Postby Murray Betts » Mon Mar 15, 2021 13:30

Indeed Martin.
Remember that pump fuel in the UK has been allowed to contain up to 5% ethanol for many years and hasn't been required to be labelled as such. Under the legislation there will be a "protected grade" for at least a good few years to come with no more than 5% ethanol.
You will see some shock/horror stuff about lower calorific value and worse fuel consumption. Yes ethanol has a lower calorific value (around 2/3 that of petrol by volume), but adding an extra 5% only reduces the calorific value of the mix by around 2%, and you'll be hard pushed to notice that except by controlled tests, certainly not in real world use.
There can certainly be issues with some materials used in older fuel systems.
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