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ECU information

Postby Benjamin Gibbins » Thu Dec 13, 2018 13:07

Greetings everyone,
I have an inquiry about my ECU. I have a no start situation that I believe is linked to the ECU. When I went to locate the ECU, it was not in its stock position, but rather under the carpet in the passenger footwell.(see image) My first question: Is the mounting/casing of the ECU suppose to be grounded? Seems like it should be. Mine is not. My second question: What ECU is this? (see image) The casing is black, not silver like most, and has the number (4GA36-L20) printed on it. I realize it is an aftermarket unit, but I have never seen one like it in my research. Thanks for your time.
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Re: ECU information

Postby Ian Linden » Thu Dec 13, 2018 20:22

Hi Benjamin,

It appears to be Suzuki Sport ECU, intended to be used off-road for competition, but, of course, people treat that tongue-in-cheek. 4GA36-L20 is not the one intended for the Cappo - see the Suzuki Sport ECU Manual in "Manuals" - link at the top of the page. That number does not appear in the manual, so it does not appear to be the right thing for the F6A engine. However, the ECU inside the box may be the right one - just in the wrong box.

If it really is a 4GA36-L20, I suspect it is an N2 ECU (no idea for which engine). As you can see from the manual, N2 ECU is used with larger injectors and a larger, higher-pressure turbo. An N1 ECU uses the stock injectors and turbo, but requires a boost controller to raise the boost to the level (about 1.12 bar) the N1 caters for.

If the ECU was correctly mounted in its position to the left of the glove box, the casing would be grounded.

It may be worth looking to the left of the glove box to see if the original ECU is still in place. There is no problem replacing an N1 ECU with the original, as long as the boost controller is removed or adjusted to no more than 1.0 bar.
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