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Carappuccino online!

Postby Marcel Spoelstra » Sun Sep 29, 2002 09:24

Dear Cappofriends,

I have updated my website. It now features the Suzuki Cara, my second Suzuki, alongside the Cappuccino! Now you can understand the subject heading!!

As you will see I have changed the styling of the website a lot. To prevent misunderstanding that it's an official Suzuki site I mention on every page that it isn't.

In the near future I will add an extra page in English with tips and hints for modifications. This section will only be accessible to SCORE members.

The Suzuki Cara will be an English worded website. There is hardly any information about this car. This part will have the same structure as the Cappuccino. History brochure, FAQ etc..
Marcel Spoelstra
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Regional Representative
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