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My site

Postby Shaun Hodgson » Tue Apr 09, 2002 21:55

Nothing exciting for now but maybe if I get time in the future I will put something more on the site.

Just some pictures for now. Might take a while to download???
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Shaun Hodgson

Re: My site

Postby Marcel Spoelstra » Wed Apr 10, 2002 11:27

Are you sure that the address is correct? Perhaps it is the following address.
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Re: My site

Postby Shaun Hodgson » Wed Apr 10, 2002 17:55

Thanks Marcel, you are quite correct. Did you notice that I don't really know much about internet related things!?!

I believe that it does take a while to download. Thanks Barry for your advice, I will change the site as soon as I have chance.

Must go for a drive now...

Shaun Hodgson

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