Autospeed Coffee kick article

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Autospeed Coffee kick article

Postby Philip Lee » Fri Sep 24, 2004 00:30

Found this article on Autospeed about a nicely modified cappuccino...

there's also a few more references if you do an article search.
Philip Lee


Postby David Reynolds » Wed Oct 20, 2004 02:38

This capp lives in Sydney Australia and i have seen it in a local workshop getting work done. It has spent most of its time getting fixed because it keeps getting blown up. He has kept the mototr still at 660cc but he has been getting over 100kw out of the little puppy. I would say it would have to be the fastest capp i have seen or heard of. FANTASTIC POWER TO WEIGHT , have fun getting traction :D It looks really nice and goes like a rocket , lets just say a lot of money spent.
David Reynolds

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