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SX306 Cappuccino Production

Model Type Model * Code   Market Code VIN from: Engine Transmission Other † Remarks
EA11R 1 CAXF - EA11R-100001 F6A MTX - Early production base model
CAXF-BA - ABS, DAb, LSD Early production high spec. model
CAXF-SA - - Early production limited edition
2 CAXF-2 - EA11R-120000 F6A MTX - Minor revisions base model
CAXF-BA2 - ABS, DAb, LSD Minor revisions high spec model
CAXF-SB2 - EA11R-121262 EPAS Minor revisions limited edition model
CAXF-SC2 - EA11R-123366 EPAS Minor revisions limited edition model
CAB114P02 E2 JSAEEA11R-00100004 - Model based on CAXF-2 exported to UK/Europe (UK National Type Approved)
CAB114P35 E35 - Model almost identical to CAXF-2 exported to Hong Kong
EA21R 3 CAXF-3 - EA21R-100001 K6A MTX - Uprated engine base model
CAXF-BA3 - ABS, DAb, LSD Uprated engine high spec model
CAXL-3 - ATX EPAS Uprated engine automatic tx model
* Some model codes can be suffixed with 'W' to indicate factory fitted "Winter" pack (heavy duty battery and snow-shovelling wipers).
† In addition to ABS, DAb, LSD being available as the BA package, all three items were individually available on some models as separate factory-fit options.
Sub-model Codes (JDM)
1stCVehicle Name Code (always C for Cappuccino)
2ndABody Type (always A for Cappuccino)
3rdXVehicle Grade (always X for Cappuccino)
4thF5 speed manual transmission, 2 wheel drive
L3 speed automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive
5th...(blank)Type 1, base model
-BAType 1, high spec model
-SAType 1, "Limited" version A
-2Type 2, base model
-BA2Type 2, high spec model
-SB2Type 2, "Limited" version B
-SC2Type 2, "Limited" version C
-3Type 3, base model
-BA3Type 3, high spec model
MTXManual Transmission
ATX3 Speed Auto Transmission
EPASElectric Power Assisted Steering
ABS4 wheel Anti-lock Braking System
DAbDriver's Airbag
LSDLimited Slip Differential
Market Codes
-Japanese Domestic Market
E35Hong Kong

Sub-model Codes (Export)
1st CVehicle Name (always C for Cappuccino)
2nd ABody Type (always A for Cappuccino)
3rd B2 seater, 2 door
4th & 5th114-stroke, 3 cylinder, DOHC, 660cc engine, 5 speed manual transmission
6th 4Vehicle Grade
7th NType 1
P §Type 2
8th & 9th01Market Code E1: General Export ‡
02Market Code E2: UK
35Market Code E35: Hong Kong
‡ One instance of Market Code E1 has been reported in Macau.
§ Incorrectly given as "R" in source 1 (referenced below).
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2. Suzuki Parts Catalogue EA11R, 1995-11, 4th Edition.
3. Suzuki Parts Catalogue EA21R, 1998-3, 2nd Edition.
4. Suzuki History Web Site.
5. Suzuki Swift Info Page (Hungarian).
6. Suzuki digital Parts Catalogue

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