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Son of Cappuccino ???
The Suzuki C2

In September 1997, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a new concept sportscar was sensationally revealed - the C2 back
Suzuki C2 The C2 has the classic appeal of front engine driving the rear wheels through a thoroughly modern six-speed manual transmission or 5-speed auto with sequential shift.
Weighing 850kg (slightly heavier than the Cappuccino), the C2 has double wishbone suspension, all-round disc brakes and is shod with 16-inch wide tyres. Suzuki C2
Suzuki C2 Click here for a full size picture
Click here for a full size picture Suzuki C2
interior Following on from the Cappuccinos award winning removable hard-top, the C2 has a hard top which rotates away into the body of the car. There's even space left in the boot!
The 1.6 litre micro-V8 is a double overhead camshaft, multi-point fuel injected, intercooled TWIN-TURBO with variable valve timing and is good for 250bhp engine

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